Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thing #23 Summarize Your Thoughts about This Program

What were my favorite things?  I enjoyed learning most of the things.  I would have to say I appreicate being made to comment on other people's blogs.  I had a lot of fun with Mash Ups and Big Huge Labs but I will use Delicious a lot also.  Ok, the more I look back at the list the harder it gets to decide on a favorite. 
This will help me with lifelong learning because there are so many places to look to learn, whether you are learning for your own enjoyment or to further your education for the classroom.  With a computer someone would really have to work hard NOT to learn.
It was hard for me to admit that I didn't care forTechnorati that sees weird to say that is an unexpected outcome, but I thought that I would at least find something about each "thing" that I would like. 
The only thing that could make this program better is to replace some of the things that are not as useful.  I'm thinking of Nings. 
I would love to complete another program like this one!  I had fun and learned so much.
Discovering is how I would discribe this program.  I have discovered so many things that I had no idea exsisted!  I know that there are so many things out there and I can't even imagine what they are.  I do have my eyes and ears open for any other web 2.0 "things" that I can discover. 
Even though I loved doing this I did feel pressure to go on to the next thing after learning about something.  Now I will have time to go back and dig deeper into some of the things.  Actually, this is how I feel often after going to a really good workshop, I want to have time to just stop and think about how I will really use the new information.


VWB said...

the fact that you had some things that didn't hold much value to you is ok...all of us have different things that are more valuable or useful for us...that is the great thing about the 2.0 world ...there is plenty of choice!

Grendel said...

I agree with VWB. All of my colleagues who have completed 23Things and the programs following that, liked different aspects of Web 2.0. I like that you called it "discovering," because that was part of the purpose. The other part was to discover a tool and use it to incorporate technology into your students' learning.These tools give us lots of choices to create and for our students to create. I know you will be using a lot of what you learned. Good job and good luck!