Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thing #20: YouTube, TeacherTube and Zamzar

This should speak to anyone, with no other explanation needed!

I am frustrated with Teacher Tube.  It has been busy and very slow.  I have been on and off of it all day and I feel like I am spending more time waiting than anything else.  Maybe it is always this busy during the school day?  I am at home with sick children and thought I could get some work knocked out, but this has taken quite a bit of time.

It was very easy to embed a video from Teacher Tube and from You Tube.  Even though I was a little frustrated with Teacher Tube there is some great information on it.  It is amazing that there is such a huge number of videos out there for teachers to learn from and teach from.  Anything that is taught or talked about in the classroom or in the school seems to be on Teacher Tube.  My kindergarten students can hear other students sing about reading, or I could watch another teacher teach a concept that I need a better way to teach.  I was also surprised to see teacher resources on Teacher Tube.  They have documents, and lesson plans listed by grade level and theme.  I even found a sign language Thanksgiving song that I would like to teach to my students next week.


msbellie said...

I really liked the Monarch Butterfly video! Thanks for sharing it - I knew they liked milkweed (my mother had some in her garden when I was a child), but I never knew why. Interesting information!

Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books said...

I feel so grateful that my district opened up YouTube to teachers - I like it better than Teacher Tube and I find that much of what I want to use with the students can only be found on You Tube.