Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thing #21: Podcasts and Videocasts

I have used Movie Maker before and I enjoy using it.  Movie Maker is fairly easy to use, although I did have some trouble with this project I think it was more because of the computer than the program.  I do find that I could complete a video quickly, but spend quite a lot of time playing with the transitions and effects.  My family loves our time that we spend in Garner State Park each summer, I hope you enjoy the video.
I think that students would enjoy a project using Movie Maker and could pretty easily do it.  I'm not ready to use it with my students yet, but I have made a video of pictures of my students to show at open house, and of course the parents really enjoy it.  I will probably make a video next week after my class goes on a field trip and add it to my classroom blog.
Alright, I have tried several times now to embed my video and it says it is processing for hours then says there was an error.  If anyone can tell me if you have had this happen and what I can try to make it work I would appreciate the help!
Yeah!  I finally got the video to post.  I didn't save the video to Windows Media Player the first several times I tried to post and it didn't work.  In the end that is what I had to do.  I didn't think I would need to but I guess to post to the blog that is what you have to do.

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VWB said...

if yours is a movie maker, not sure.
if it is ppt, it MUST be saved properly. must be a wmv

also, blogger has presented problems in uploading. we will look at it in class.