Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thing #22: Nings

In theory Nings is/are (how do you write that) great.  There could be so much information out there being shared by teachers and librarians using Nings.  But, when I looked at the different Nings there just wasn't that much traffic on any of them.  Many of the threads had no comments at all.  Teacher Librarian Ning seems to have a little more traffic than the "Teacher sites".  Texas School Librarian Ning gave me a message that it could not be accessed.  I was disappointed because I thought it might have some relavant information for me.  I will try again, but overall this is not something I see myself using very much, just because of lack of traffic.  There are other places to go for ideas, or help where I can be more confident that someone will hear me and respond.  It is ashame that somehow there isn't more "advertising", because I really feel there is great potential for Nings.

Teacher Librarian Ning

Teacher Librarian Ning

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Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books said...

I never quite mastered Nings either. I looked at them when I first did The 23 Things but they never "took" with me.