Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thing #18: Online Productivity Tools

I tried to play with Open Office, but am a little impatient and when it said it would take 27 minutes to load I quit.  I have worked with Google Docs a few times before and had a project that I've been meaning to work on so I worked on it this evening on Docs.  I like it because I can work on something at school or at home and not worry about having the flash drive or emailing to myself if I need to work on it at a later time.  It is also nice that a project can be worked on or shared with other people.  The assessment checklist I was working on tonight I plan to ask some of the teachers on my campus to help me finish, then they can print and use as they need. It will make everyone's life easier to have it finished and ready to use, and no one will have to spend a lot of time on it.  In my opinion, it is as easy to use as Microsoft Office and looks very much like also.  A disadvantage to Google Docs that I just discovered is that you can't see the page breaks in your text until you are in print preview and from print preview you can't move your text up or down.

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VWB said...

It's ok about Open Office...I know downloading can be difficult for those of us who are impatient (count me in on that list!)

I am going to share your comment about the page breaks with my group to see how much a problem this is for the students who are using Google Docs to write their papers...we nlo longer have MS Word, etc on student computers! It is been a bit of transition frustration around here!