Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thing #14: Technorati and How Tags Work

I want so bad to say that I love Technorati, that I found so much and that I will use it everyday!  I don't love it and I haven't really found it all that useful.  I have been playing with it nightly for over a week and it is just frustrating me so I am posting and going on to the next thing.  The clock is ticking and I'm feeling pressure to get through all of the 23 things.  I will come back and give it a second chance later.  When I did a search for School Library Learning 2.0 I didn't come up with anything. The popular blogs feature is not working right now so I couldn't look at that.

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Christi Christopher said...

I didn't like Technorati either. I found it to be complicated and I could have spent hours trying to figure it out. I am glad that I am not the only one.