Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thing #19: Web 2.0 Awards List

I love having all of these "things" together in Web 2.0 Awards I had never heard of the 2.0 Awards. There is so much to look at!  I thought that Upcoming would be useful, maybe not educationally, but personally to look for things to do. 
One Sentence could be a great educational tool.  After reading it for only a few minutes I felt like I had been through every emotion possible.  People contribute their one sentence story to the site, the stories can be searched by tags or date contributed.  I thought in the upper grades especially, students could write a book review in one sentence, or a history event, an event in their own life.  I don't know if it is human nature or that we have all been taught to expand on most of what we write about but writing anything in one sentence and getting the main idea across would be a huge challenge. 


VWB said...

You have listed some thoughts about One Sentence that I think I need to do more with...and share for sure!

thakns for reminding me about a little gem I let fall out of my toolbox!

Karen Gilmore said...

At school today we had a visiting author who did an activity with the students. Basically she chose someone to name an animal (German shepherd), another to choose boy or girl (boy), his name (Jupiter), where he was born (New York), where he lives now (Galveston - at which point she stressed that the main character had an adventure), who was his friend (a parrot named Butterscotch), something he liked to do (skateboard), something he didn't like (cars), and so on. She chose students at random to give these answers, building on what each other said. From this exercise she encouraged them to go back to class and complete the story. I'd compare this idea to the One Sentence site. In a matter of minutes the students came up with several story elements. I can see how teachers could use either of these ideas in creative writing assignments.